Customized Smart Bracelet For People With Early-stage Alzheimer’s

Smart Watch

We received an email from a client recently, this client was from Brazil, and he said that his company want to have a cooperation with ThinkRace, and wonder can we develop a project about health tracking. He told us that he know thinkrace was the leading manufactory provide one-stop services for GPS devices, GPS watch, smart bracelet and GPS software platform with eight years manufacture experience.

This client whoes from Brazil want to develop a smart bracelet for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s with ThinkRace. As we know, With the development of economy and society, people’s lifespan is longer and longer, the old population still is increasing, and people with early-stage Alzheimer’s will be increasing too. So is necessary to launch a gps device for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s, they need to be taken care of. And ThinkRace is happy to develop a gps device for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s, and the purpose of this device will provide peace of mind to patient’s family members providing information about their real-time location.

From the following email, we know that the client want to add these technologies and features to the smart bracelet:

  • Panic Button.
  • Blood Pressure Sensor and/or Heartbeat Sensor.
  • Fall Sensor.
  • Environment Temperature Sensor.
  • Fences Technology – determine safe and risk areas by the patient’s family.
  • Communicator – if the bracelet can become into a kind of communicator between family and patient, for example, connecting them through bracelet as a cellphone.
  • Waterproof.

These technologies and features is not difficult for ThinkRace, we also develop the similar product like that, so we told the client that we will have a good cooperation in the following days.

ThinkRace is focus on people’s safety and healthy, we will develop more and better hardware and software to protect children, adult and elder’s safety and healthy.