Adopt technological approach to keep your elderly safe!

Safety of old people

Enhanced living standards, better healthcare, superior awareness of the significance of a healthy diet and taking regular exercise have led to more and more people enjoying life into their 80s and 90s. However the older generation, in particular, the feeble elderly are one of the groups of our population most vulnerable to accidents, predominantly in and around the home.

Those people over the 65 years of age are most at risk, suffering both the premier mortality rate and the most severe injuries. In 2009 in England and Wales alone, people aged 65 or over accounted for 7,475 deaths as an upshot of an accident of which 49% were due to a fall.

Where do uncertainties occur?

The largest proportion of accidents is falling from stairs or steps with over 60 % of deaths resulting from accidents on stairs. The washroom and living- room further added to the list!

What can you do to condense panic attacks risks?

In the case of older people, falls can be abridged by having sight checked and using adequately strong glasses to help correct vision loss. Undergoing home hazard estimation and removing any possible hazards, and reviewing any medication that might have side effects such as dizziness or low blood pressure are also suggested.

Get best solutions to trim-down the injuries caused by falls!

The most vital thing to do following a fall is to get aid as quickly as possible so that the sternness of any injury will be minimized.

Often, after a fall, age-old people find that they cannot get to a phone or cannot move to raise the alert that they need help. In these situations, wearable GPS smartwatches PT88 for elderly is a perfect solution offered by ThinkRace Technology.

When wearing this emergency tracking device, help is always on hand at the touch of a button. The simple alert button on each of these devices is easy to access and will connect the wearer instantaneously to the 24-hour monitoring centre and the family. Apart from an SOS button, the watch is equipped with brilliant features like:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitor heart-rate, sleep quality, walking steps, blood pressure
  • Calorie consumption and reminder for medication
  • Alarm clock with one screen preview of date, days of the week and time
  • Geo-fencing
  • Digital battery charging point
  • Dazzling and colourful range
  • Waterproof – suitable for even swimming

Who are we?

A self-determined and safe living of elderly people in their familiar home as long as possible is a desirable objective for many of us. We take great pride in safeguarding such a life by regularly monitoring the wellbeing and potential health hazards of seniors through our tracking systems.

The elderly smartwatches are one of the most promising devices for health assistance technologies because i) they carry many of the needed sensors for monitoring well-being and health parameters on board, ii) do not require expensive demolition and iii) can be used at home as well as outdoors.

Why ThinkRace Technology?

  • Having 12+ years of experience, we are prominent GPS solution provider Company. Our team of operational and R&D served world’s top 500 unique Companies and we are capable to assemble 8000+ products per day.
  • Our one-stop solution and building your brand (ODM/OEM/JDM) services are highly advanced and will meet every challenge provided by you.
  • Get superior value services as we deliver our products and services at competitive prices without compromising with the quality.
  • We have skilled and proficient Technical Support team to serve you with best of our capabilities.
  • With the help of our web tracking platform and open API, get the real-time location of your loved ones.

How we helped our clients?

One of our clients, who run an old-age home, needed a health-monitoring device to check the health conditions and whereabouts of their members. They further demanded the system to be waterproof as some of the members are patients with dementia! Our manufacturing unit delivers them with our product PT88 and recently they saved a life of an elderly patient who was crossing the GEO- fencing.

To find out more about our products or services, give us a ring or pen-down your query!