Build your own GPS tracking app & application integration service to fulfill your business needs!


Everyday business adopts flexible and tight coupled model to remain ahead in the competition. There was a time when mobile presented a golden opportunity for business. But today, app alone no longer brings innovation. An app is not a cure for lacked business, the ability to connect with the virtual and physical world with technology gives businesses the change to rise and expand customers. Convergence of app and IoT solution help the businesses to flourish.

Thanks to IoT, tracking from point A to point B is just a push of a button. Your order a dress online it gets delivered the next day, you order a food it gets delivered in 30 minutes. Moreover, you can actually track your order while sitting on your comfy couch. Technology is evolving and so does the way of business – whether its security, safety or fitness we want everything to be tracked. Involvement of IoT solution into business has a tremendous transformation.

Why your business needs own mobile GPS tracking App & Application integration service?

Today, Mobile App & Application integration service provides you an innovative way to work effectively and gives you the option to utilize the complete infrastructure behind your applications.

Mobile App & Application integration provides an amazing user experience and improves productivity. Few reasons why your business needs Mobile GPS tracking App & Application integration service now.

It saves a lot of time and money: When it comes to transferring data from one app to other, the process is not only tedious but it even drains your mind. But with App & Application integration system you not only save your couple of hours but even save the labor cost.

It reduces error and eliminates duplicate data: Manually entering data is prone to error.  Error even occurs when data isn’t tracked properly. Integration not only eliminates error but it even diminishes duplicate data.

It let you remain up-to-date: App & Application integration makes your app smarter. Get the real-time track information about sales, leads and payment transfer.

It provides easy customization: The biggest benefit of App & Application integration is its easy customization. Without any tough manual work customize your app according to your need.

Get customized GPS tracking App service from ThinkRace Technology

ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. From past 11 years, the Company has been providing OEM/ODM/JDM services to more than 500 clients. We are the renowned name among other Customize App Manufacturer. Our team builds custom, mobile-ready apps and application labeled as your own brand in the given time.

Through, Amber 360 software we provide complete tracking on your phone via our integrated app service.  This is fully licensed software for safety and management. Use our Open API to integrate in your CRM/ERP and get your own customized App. It is compatible with both Android and iOS phone.

With the help of our customize App & Application technology, in no time you can have your own mobile App for your customers. We provide hardware and software with client’s brand and logo. We provide server and hosting for our clients. Our in-house App & Application development team helps the client building their own App & Application. We let our client focus on their core business. Through our App customization service, build your own brand.