Rechargeable Long Standby Tracker AT15/AT15s

Model No: AT15/AT15s

ThinkRace Technology brings you the AT15, a pocket-sized smart GPS tracker for your luggage. The device is handy with all kinds of luggage such as a backpack, suitcase, briefcase etc. The AT15 allows real-time tracking of your luggage and provides location history for the same. Access your bag’s location through our integrated mobile app available for both ios & Android or through our web platform.

Rechargeable Long Standby Tracker AT15


  • location
    GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wifi multi mode positioning
  • map-location
    Real-time location management
  • Ultra-long standby logo
    Ultra-long standby
  • configuration icon
    APN self-adaption configuration
logistics tracking system
  • Illegal removal alarm icon
    Illegal removal alarm
  • update-arrows logo
    Automatic remote upgrade
  • Automatic fault recovery icon
    Automatic fault recovery


Frequency band


Storage Temp

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Operating Temp

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Operating Humidity

20 ~ 80 RH

Operating Current


Standby Current


Main chip



Class 12, T CP/IP

GPS Sensitivity


TTFF(Open Sky)

Cold start:<35s, Hot start:<3s

AGPS(Open Sky)







6000mAh/12000mAh 3.7V


Product Features

Quick positioning

3D G-sensor


A-GPS positioning

Overspeed alarm

Remote configuration

Now travellers, security agencies and tourists need not to worry about losing luggage. Just keep calm, relax and enjoy a hassle free experience with gps locator for luggage. AT15 is lightweight and lasts longer due to its bigger battery.

For A Stress-Free Trip Without Any Worries

The locator tracks your luggage on a real-time basis
and provides location history for the same

Sleek And Light-Weight

The tracker is sleek and lightweight and can be
stored in any bag, briefcase or suitcase

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