Asset Tracking

ThinkRace Technology is a distinctive OEM/ODM/JDM company that protects and manages all assets management needs. Our aim is to provide high end solution of tracking assets whether it is required for vehicle tracking or any other asset tracking solution. We are leading manufacturer & supplier and provide complete service under one roof. Our asset tracking platform & app helps you to track your assets and have total control over asset management. We do customize application and app development as per the client requirement.

Asset Trackers

  • Vehicle Tracking Devices
  • Motocycle/E-Bike Tracker
  • Pallet Tracker
  • Luggage Tracker


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Asset Tracking Product Range

ThinkRace Technology has a wide range of products; we customize products as per your business requirement. If you still have some custom requirements, feel free to contact us. We will discuss more detail about your requirements so that we can develop the new hardware or firmware for you.

Vehicle Tracker

We provide GPS tracker devices for tracking car, bike, two wheeler, truck, bus and other vehicles. Our vehicle trackers help in tracking the location at anywhere and anytime. Our vehicle tracking device can are widely used for tracking commercial vehicle and personal vehicles effectively. ThinkRace Technology vehicle trackers provide complete solution for fleet management. Our trackers have advance GPS tracking solutions with the power of rich-data which is needed to get the real-time location and other advance features and reports.

Motorcycle Tracker

Our motorcycle tracker is an anti-theft device which helps in protecting your bike from getting stolen or misplaced. Our anti-theft tracker device support wide voltage range and compatible with motorbike and e-bikes worldwide. The Motorcycle tracker is having a unique feature of remote engine off that is very useful function in case your motorcycle or e-bike is stolen.

Boat Tracker

We have boat trackers which are connected to the mobile app to keep you updated with the location of the boat and the location history of the boat. Our boat trackers will give you real-time updates about the location of your boat. You will get an alert when the boat is beyond the speed limit or exited your custom fenced zone and even when it is away from the place it is supposed to be. We have customized solutions for Yachts, Boats, Jet skis and personal watercraft.

Animal Tracker

We have a unique range of animal tracker which will help you to keep track of animal like camel, horse, and goat. Keep track of animals anytime and anywhere with our smart animal tracking device. Whether you are walking in the desert, grasslands, and mountain, the animal tracker will help you manage the animals efficiently. You can use the mobile app to get their current location real-time. The tracker is equipped with a longer life battery to help you track animals easily.

Animal Tracker

Luggage Tracker

The biggest concern while traveling is the safety of your luggage. With luggage trackers you will be notified whenever your bag is heading your way at the airport carousel, so no chance of losing your bag. Just place our luggage tracker in your baggage and stay be connected. When your luggage is in the airplane that device will switch to flight mode thus saving battery life and when the flight is landed it will automatically switch to tracking mode. The luggage owner can easily track the real-time location mobile app that helps in safety and total security of personal belonging.

Our Clients of Asset Tracking Products

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety & fitness solution for the people all over the world. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.

To get more information about Asset Tracking Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.