An appealing GPS Tracking Solution – The Mini GPS Locator PT09

personal GPS trackers

Most of the GPS Tracking devices have always been a bit unappealing and plain looking. Many of the consumers take a step back when they realize that buying a bulky GPS Tracker is just not worth it. Buyers are always on the lookout of a simple yet attractive device which is easy to operate and handle. Well, ThinkRace has just made an option available to such kind of buyers.

The PT09 which is the latest addition to the ThinkRace’s family of personal GPS trackers checks all the boxes in the list of such fastidious buyers. It is essentially a wearable mini GPS tracker which has been designed with a sense of style while keeping the latest fashion trend in mind. Its elegant and graceful design is a visual treat for the eyes. It is compact and exquisite and users don’t need to worry about losing their personal GPS tracker as it can be easily worn like a pendant or necklace around the neck.

Some of its sought-after features are:

  • Light and Compact Design

The tracker is a mere 38x38x12 mm in dimensions

  • Glossy Finish

It is a stylish wearable pendant type GPS Tracker

  • Advance Positioning System

The tracker is equipped with a 4-mode positioning system

  • Electronic Geo-Fence Feature

Mark out safe and unsafe zones in the real world

  • Two-Way Communication

Enabled with two-way calling feature

  • Low Power Alarm

The device notifies the user if it is running low on battery

  • SOS Button

The tracker has an inbuilt SOS Button for quick assistance in case of an emergency situation

  • Compatible with major Operating Systems

The PT09 is compatible with major mobile and PC operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows and Mac

Upon pressing the SOS Button, the device automatically calls the stored contact set by the user and it is advisable that the number should be of local police or any of the other concerned authorities. With a long standby time of 3 days, the device eliminates charging worries and ensures on-the-go protection.

The PT09 is compatible with our mobile tracking app and web-based tracking platform. The device doesn’t lack in the style department and is still a perfect must-have utility product.