A Safety Companion for Students – Student ID card PT30

The technology in 2017 is advancing from making calls to tracking our loved ones from anywhere in the world. Ever wondered if you could keep a track on your children 24 hours a week when they go to school or anywhere without you being around? Or if your kids tend to roam a lot and you are afraid of them being lost somewhere? Well, there’s always a solution and ThinkRace Technology ends your worries forever by introducing this amazing GPS Tracker specially designed for school or college going students. Let’s go further and know more about this amazing device!

Wouldn’t it be so cool if the Kids carry an ID card to the school which not only can help them being their identity but can also track their whereabouts? That is exactly what ThinkRace Technology’s new product is about – A Student ID Card with a GPS Tracker embedded into it. This student ID card can be a perfect companion for you and your kids when it comes to safety. Imagine tracking the live location of your kids just by sitting at home via your laptop or mobile. Sounds good! Right? And that’s not it. The device has more features that will surely leave you in awe. Let’s know more about the features of this personal tracker Student ID Card – PT30.

Features of Student ID card – PT30

  • Real Time Tracking – PT30 lets you track the person in the real-time with no delay in the time gap. So you will know wherever the person with the ID card moves so you can track their live location.
  • Location History – If you think PT30 is limited only to the real-time tracking, you might want to explore another fantastic feature of this device that lets you view the history of wherever the device traveled when it was in real-time location. You can select the date and time from where you want to see the route to a specific date and time and you are all set to view the recorded path of the device.
  • GPS/LBS Positioning – When it comes to stability, many people are concerned about the loss of signals which might result in disturbing the location tracking. PT30 Student ID Card brings a solution to that also with its two modes of positioning – GPS and LBS. So, while tracking, if the GPS signals are lost, the device automatically shifts to the LBS Mode to keep the tracking up and running.
  • Family Numbers – The device has three buttons embedded on the left side which can be used to call three stored numbers in the device in case of emergencies apart from that one touch SOS button located on the front for emergency calls.
  • Geo-fence Notification – This feature allows you to set a particular geofence in an area via your app, so you will be notified whenever the person with the device enters or exit the geofence area. You can set multiple geofence areas according to your needs.

Other features of this device include – a bigger design for the ID card area, school attendance system with the help of RFID, school bus on/off notification and more.

Talking about the specifications, the GPS Tracker Student ID card PT30 comes with a 900MaH battery with a standby time of 120 days, which means the device can long 5 days without any inactivity. Apart, the device has a built-in GSM/GPS antenna with frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz. PT30 weights 50 grams (pretty lightweight) with dimensions – 90.2*58.7.6mm (large enough for student information and a picture).

If you sum up all the features, you will get a perfect GPS tracker in the form of an ID card or vice-versa with a lot of amazing features.