A Meeting For All Staff Of ThinkRace In October

A Meeting For All Staff Of ThinkRace In October
A meeting was held by ThinkRace in “Afternoon Time” coffee shop yesterday afternoon. The purpose of this meeting is to summarize our work on September and make the work plan of the fourth quarter.

At the beginning of the meeting, five new staff introduce themselves,these four girls and one boy were happy to join the term of ThinkRace,and ThinkRace will be bigger and stronger.

The second process is the department head to summarize their work in September and introduce the work plan of next quarter. Rick Tang tell us what he did in September, Rick goes to India to create our office in India, and this is a major step for ThinkRace, and we have India staff now. We believe that ThinkRace will have more and more overseas branch and overseas staff, and more and more Chinese staff will go to other countries at the same time. Our director of human resource Helen share the relationship between the company, staff and human resource department, Helen said that staff and human resource department is non-adversarial relationship, and it’s cooperation relationship between company and staff.

Director of firmware development department Leo Hu tell us that we will develop our new pets GPS tracker, vehicle tracking device, GPS watch, and personal GPS tracker. Director of software development department Jacky Li tell us we accept customize GPS software, GPS tracking platform and GPS tracking app, and we will develop more and more stable,good compatibility GPS navigation software and GPS application for clients.

The third process is appointment ceremony,Mary Yu was appointed a director of the sales department, and Leo Hu was named the director of firmware development department, all of our congratulations to them.

The last process is accolades ceremony, Mr.Wen and Mr.He was awarded because of their hard work, and this inspiration for everyone on this meeting.

This meeting enhance our sense of belonging to ThinkRace, and encouraged us to keep moving forward!