GPS Kids Watch PT529: A carefree solution for young ones

Kids GPS watch

Remember the good old days when it was perfectly acceptable if you were to go out and play with your friends in the neighborhood freely without any adult supervision?

Alas, the world is not the same anymore! There are all sorts of stories about little kids getting abducted, harassed or getting missed almost every other day. As a responsible parent, it is obvious for you to worry about the safety and well-being of your child.But with GPS Kids Watch PT529, you can put all your worries to sleep and easily keep an eye on your children’s whereabouts no matter where they are.

A smart GPS watch for kids, PT529 has been specially designed for kids. Equipped with a kindergarten look and an elegant design with touch screen, the device is sure to attract children. In addition, it also sports a digital dialing keyboard.

The smartwatch features a user-friendly GUI with a responsive touchscreen, allowing your young ones to operate it easily. In addition, the device is equipped with real-time GPS tracking feature, two-way communication mode, Geo-Fence and Pedometer Sensor as well.

Thanks to its two-way communication mode, the device works as a phone too. To put it another way, you can talk to your kids anytime you like and children may also call out or chat via voice and text messages at predetermined numbers.

An emergency mode gets activated when kids press the SOS button. Once activated, the device sends alerts to all pre-defined contacts, including the parents or local authorities, to notify them that something is wrong.

Interestingly, the smartwatch lets you choose safe areas for your kids with the help of its Geo-Fence feature. In case your children happen to leave the designated safe zone, the device sends you instant alerts too.

PT529 is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.With its high-quality rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery, you can be assured of quick charge and long standby time.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to GPS Kids Watch PT529 to give your child an extra layer of security!