4 steps which GPS tracker ODM/OEM/JDM solution provider takes!

Today, OEM/ODM/JDM services are available worldwide and are used globally in order to meet the proliferating demands of assorted Companies such as the gadgets-designing organizations! The ODM/OEM/JDM service providers are assisting their clients in tumbling the time to brand/market their products or to build a brand under their name!

What is ODM/OEM/JDM stands for?

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturers, and it is referred to an organization that produces parts or equipment that can be marketed by another manufacturer. These companies then sell these products under their own brand names. The origin of the OEM term may derive from the Dutch phrase, onder eigen merk. Translated into English, this means under own brand.

On the other hand, ODM refers to the Original Design Manufacturers who not only manufacture products but also design them as per the specifications and requirements of the other organization. In other words, an ODM provides the “ready-to-go” products for the OEM. Often labelled as white labelling!

JDM stands for Joint Design Manufacturers in order to reduce your design costs and build your valuable IP for your product portfolios is the task of a JDM organization.

The workflow of the OEM/ODM/JDM Companies:

Process 1: Acquiring the specifications/requirements of the client

In this process, the ODM/OEM/JDM service providers gather all the demands of the patron. These ODM companies put forward their suggestions based on their experience.

Process 2: Design Creation/Mapping

After getting the needed requirements, OEM/ODM/JDM service providers commence the process of Design creation. The design incorporates the architecture of the GPS Device such as the size, materials and the battery-related prospectus or anything further.

Process 3: Receiving confirmation/approval on the prototype

Once the design gets approved by the client, the service providers initiate the procedure of developing the sample of GPS Tracker based on the permitted design. Using the sample in real time brings out the odds and evens of the device and this lead to the defects right at that moment. The shortcomings are being addressed by the OEM/ODM/JDM Company and once these failing get ruled out, the sample is said to be established.

Process 4: Delivery of the products

After the authentication, invariable updates are being provided to the client concerning the GPS Tracker in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the products.

What ThinkRace Technology does?

A well-established group of experts, we at ThinkRace Technology, are there to take care of your production needs. Our team has provided the designing companies with the advantage to focus only on the selling and marketing of their products rather than pondering over the profound manufacturing specifications. You can ensure the low production cost and high revenues as you don’t have to get apprehensive about setting up factories. We build up your own comprehensive product range with a competitive advantage and contented customers. Our team is always able to react to prevailing market conditions and use the up-to-the-minute technology to design products that are in line with market demand, whether they are standard or ODM/JDM/OEM customized products.

Why us?

  • Offering the services for more than 11 years.
  • Making huge strides towards providing high quality and economical GPS Trackers, fitness trackers and IOT equipment to clients.
  • Caters to diverse demands in designing including prototype, ID/MD design and PCBA design.
  • Covering web tracking platform and open API to track the real-time location.
  • Focus on innovating and manufacturing tracking products.
  • Comprising 80+ R&D and operation engineer mavens.
  • Capacity to assemble more than 8000 devices per day.
  • Served world’s top unique Companies.
  • Provide after-sales professional support.