3G GPS Watch Tracker PT306

Model No: PT306

With its superior quality, GPS + LBS + WiFi multiple positioning, Two-way communication, Geo-fence alarm, SOS alarm PT360 enhances the most important features customers have come to know. Upgrade kids safety experience with the real-time smartphone connected kids watch, designed and developed for the kids. GPS watch can be connected to the charger with USB cable. It needs just 2-3 hours to charge and this GPS watch works while charging. With real-time pinpoint tracking and smart location alerts, children’s whereabouts can be tracked directly from the 3g GPS watch tracker.

3G GPS Watch Tracker PT306


  • Pedometer
    Watch your steps
  • Two Way Communication
    Dial & answer the calls and voice message
  • 3 Mode Positioning
    GPS + LBS + Wifi positioning
  • GEO Fence
    Geo fence alarm for entry & exit area
3G GPS Watch for kids
  • One Touch SOS
    One touch SOS button in case of emergency
  • History Playback
    Track location history daily/weekly/monthly
  • Lower Power Alarm
    Low battery indcation
  • Remote Voice Monitoring
    Can track background sound


GSM Chip


GSM Antenna


GSM Frequency

850/900/1800/1900 Mhz


900/2100 Mhz or 850/1900 Mhz

GPS Chip


GPS Channel


GPS Sensitivity


GPS Accuracy


GPS Antenna

High sensitivity ceramic antenna


1.4 LCD 240*240



LBS Accuracy


Working Temperature



600 mAh

Standby Time

5 Days



Gravity Sensor


3g watch for kids

Know Kids where about anywhere anytime

GPS smart watches for kids are designed to make you aware of the device’s location at all times. You can track children’s whereabouts in real-time from where ever you are. Parents can even track their children’s location and the location history. Along with receiving notifications if a child leaves a certain area, parents can also create the radius of security with geo-fencing, which will send notifications if kids leave that radius to keep them in range. The 3G kids smart watch syncs with your smartphone, directly to our free iOS and Android apps.

The exact technology in 3G safety watch give accurate latitude and longitude location of the kid wearing it by sending data of the wearer kids’ location to remote devices controlling it. This data is absolutely accurate and thus it is real-time monitoring.

ThinkRace technology is the leading kids watch manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier. 3G smartwatch is programmed to send automatic location updates; this provides true solace to the parents. It is a custom-made GPS tracking device for kids, PT306 child GPS watch is the new generation smartwatch that supports real-time tracking and two-way calling. Custom-made GPS tracking device for kids, designed to be fun and colorful so kids are proud to wear it. Every component miniaturized and ensures a comfortable fit that they will love to wear. With kids GPS smartwatch ODM/OEM/JDM services create your own tracking brand.

Promote safety of children through GPS smart watch

The kids GPS smartwatch provide ample standby time and can run for several hours before needing a recharge. It is also capable of monitoring the health of the child by using pedometers technology. GPS smart watches are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and have dedicated apps that can be used by parents anytime to access the data sent over by the watch in real time. GPS smart watch provides features that can track watch in order to enable two-way audio communications. SOS buttons are often present such that the child can notify the parent in case of emergency.

We recognize that institutes, boarding schools and foster homes are identifying in need to track children in order to monitor their safety and well-being. We offer devices designed to remain stable and functional in a range of situations. PT306 is flexible enough for a variety of placement options, ensuring that your tracking needs are met.

3g watch for kids

360 degree security for kids

Some typical features in the GPS watches by which caregivers can be notified are real-time position tracking using WiFi and GPS technology. GPS tracker provides two-way audio communications. SOS buttons are often present such that the child can notify in case of emergency. It’s important to be well-informed about the uses of GPS tracking as you choose the best way to approach your child’s safety. At ThinkRace Technology, we help you with the best 3G kids GPS smart watch.

ThinkRace Technology’s best 3G smart watch will allow you to know where kids are at any time of the day. With easy usage and installation GPS smart watch comes with many features that enhance the safety of children. You will be glad that by the use of this watch by knowing that your child is carrying the most advanced GPS smart watch in the market.

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