2G OBD GPS Tracker VT280

Model No: VT280

VT280 OBD device for car is an on-board plug and play device that communicates with other systems, including the Engine control unit, Transmission control unit and more. Some of the features involved in the monitoring of car involve OBD II connectivity Geo fence alarm, Real-time tracking, multiple alarms for several notifications about the working of the car; Trips report analysis, Vehicle health monitor or pre diagnostics of the car, Fuel consumption monitor for better management of the fleet, driving behavior detection for a safer fleet.

2G OBD GPS Tracker VT280



  • location
    Support 2G network
  • location-on-road
    GEO Fence
  • geo-fence-icon
    Real-time Tracking
  • null
    Trips report analysis
  • car
    Vehicle health monitor


  • null
    Fuel consumption Monitor
  • null
    Driving behavoir detection
  • null
    GPS+LBS+WIFI Three Mode Position
  • null
    Internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behavior analysis

ThinkRace Technology is the foremost manufacturer of GPS Trackers and provide OBD tracker OEM/ODM/JDM Solutions to Fleet businesses, Logistics, Automobile Industries and Insurance Companies. With us, get complete hardware & software tracking solutions. GPS device for car which is easy to install and is equipped with MQTT/ TLS protocols to deliver swift and safe data.

Basic parameters

GSM Specifications

GSM Chipset MTK2503D
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPRS Class 12. TCP/IP
GSM Antenna Built-in

GPS Specification

GPS chipest MTK3333
GPS Antenna Built-in
Position Accuracy <10 meters
Tracking sensitivity -159 dBm
Acquisition sensitivity -143 dBm
GPS channel 22
TTFF(open sky) Cold Start:<30 s
Hot Start:<5 s

General Specification

Power <1.2 w
Dimension 59*49*23 mm
Weight 45 g
Operation Temperature -30℃~70℃
Flash 32Mb/64Mb/128Mb/256Mb
Electric Current Operation Current: 50 mA Sleep Current: 8 mA
Air Discharge 8 KV
Transmit Protocol TCP/UDP/MQTT

How it works

Step 1

Download the APP

Step 2

Install to the car

Step 3

Drive and data collection

Step 4

Receive and analysis the report

Emission and engine control with GPS OBD tracker

GPS OBD tracker monitors the performance of the ignition system, engine performance, emissions system and more. Based on feedback from sensors around the vehicle, the OBD system determines if everything is working properly. It is advanced enough to warn drivers before a serious problem occurs, often at the first symptom of a failing component. Knowing how your vehicle’s engine performs is important. This Small tracking device for car has been seen to be great when it comes to getting information that pertains to the engine efficiency.

OBD tracker for the seamless mobility of your fleet

The use of GPS OBD car tracking device, features has the capacity to go directly into the areas of fault and at times even help with its correction. It has the capacity of keeping the user away from the eventual risks. Fleet companies, logistics, automobile industries, and insurance industries are opting for GPS OBD trackers for the seamless mobility of their business.

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